The Location

You can find us in the island’s town (Chora), on the full of shops and entertainment matogianni street.

We’re located in the old port just 1,5 km from the new port and 2 km from the airport.

From the old port you can always hop on the small ferries that will take you to the ancient island of Delos.

In the city center, just a short walk from our hotel you can find the two taxi and bus pick up points. From there you can go anywhere on the island and to the beach of your choice.

How to get here

Flights and ferries come daily to the island, and especially during the summer, are very frequent.

The Matogianni hotel is located 2 km from Mykonos Airport, 1.5 km from the new port and near the old port. The only thing you need to do is to contact your travel agenct on how to get to the island.