The White Bar
Mykonos never sleeps. That’s a well-known fact. Get ready for an overdose of nightlife to use as an antidote to the everyday routine! The warm up for Mykonos’ all night party usually commences in Chora, in-between Little Venice and Matogianni. And at Matogianni Street, located right underneath Matogianni Hotel is the beaming White Bar, one of the most famous meeting points in Chora.

Idyllic for those who want to see and be seen, the White Bar is so much more than that. With a menu filled with delicious cocktails and fresh, mouthwatering drinks, the bar is destined for the genuine lovers of mouthwatering summer tastes, good music and beaming nightlife.
Mykonos never sleeps
Within the stylish, cosmopolitan yet unpretentious and relaxed ambience of the White Bar, gather different people every night, thus making every night unique and a different experience. Your perfect choice for a light lunch or pre-dinner cocktails accompanied by the sounds of jazz and lounge music.

Blend the energy of summer with mouth teasing flavors and quench your thirst with exotic tastes, while enjoying quality music and company, only at the White Bar!